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    Founded in 2001, it is a high-tech enterprise with functional polymer materials and fine chemical products as its development direction, extending the petrochemical downstream industrial chain, and creating "high-grade, precision, advanced and new" core technology and brand products. At present, SUNION has 27 branches, more than 4000 employees, more than 800 mu of land, and an annual tax payment of more than 100 million yuan. It is one of the major petrochemical post-processing enterprises and tax payment enterprises in Guangdong Province.

  • mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of polymer materials and fine chemical products, and also engaged in plastic post-processing, industrial gas, engineering design, engineering construction, warehousing and freight, oil transfer, mechanical cleaning of oil storage tanks and other businesses.

    2-mercaptoethanol, styrene-butadiene transparent impact resin, SUNION elastomer SIS/SBS, SEBS, isoprene rubber, C5 resin, para ester, special grease for explosives, modified plastics, industrial gas, FFS heavy packaging film, petrochemical additives, water treatment agent, etc.

2-mercaptoethanol, with a purity of 99.8%, is popular in more than ten countries and regions such as Europe, America and Japan. It has formed a tripartite confrontation with Philips of the United States and BASF of Germany, and has established its international advanced position. Styrene is a kind of macromolecular material, which can be switched to produce three kinds of products with different brands, namely, styrene-butadiene transparent impact resin and elastomer SBS/SEBS/SIS by a set of devices. The overall technology has reached the international advanced level. The styrene-butadiene transparent impact resin has broken the import dependence pattern and is exported to the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Egypt, Indonesia and other countries;Elastomer SIS/SBS and C5 resin products are exported to 3M in the United Kingdom, Fule in the United States, Bosch in France, and Henkel in Germany.

SUNION has 8 provincial innovation platforms, more than 400 engineering and technical personnel, more than 5000 square meters of research and development sites, more than 300 research and development equipment and instruments, has invested nearly 1 billion yuan in original innovation, industrial innovation and transformation and upgrading, has created a number of "high, fine, cutting-edge and new" core technologies, has 130 authorized patents, and has built 29 projects with independent intellectual property rights, In particular, three core technologies supporting and leading strategic emerging industries have been formed in the fields of styrene copolymer polymer materials and organic sulfur fine chemicals, filling two domestic gaps.

China's top 100 chemical enterprises, China's top 500 chemical enterprises, Guangdong Province's top 100 private enterprises, evaluated as an enterprise with brand value of 2.582 billion yuan by China Honesty Laboratory. Won the National May Day Labor Award, the National 4A Class Standardized Good Behavior Enterprise, the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the National Class A Trustworthy Enterprise, the National Excellent Private Science and Technology Enterprise, the National Advanced Unit for Open and Democratic Management of Factory Affairs, the National Model Staff Home, the Guangdong Province Trustworthy Enterprise, the Guangdong Provincial Excellent Private Science and Technology Enterprise, the Guangdong Provincial Government Quality Award, the Guangdong Provincial Innovative Enterprise, Guangdong Provincial Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise, Guangdong Provincial Top Ten Scholarly Enterprises and other honors.

Guided by the national macroeconomic policy and industrial development plan, integrate innovative resources, research and develop key technologies, promote the transformation and application of achievements, and build a petrochemical downstream green material industry chain. Focus on the research and development and production of organic sulfur fine chemical products and styrene, butadiene, isoprene copolymers, and focus on deepening, refining, strengthening, and expanding in the above two fields to create more and better products, Lead the industry to strengthen and continue the industrial chain, and provide support for the green petrochemical industry cluster to enter the world's advanced ranks.

Strive to make SUNION products the best in the world

Strive to make SUNION device the most advanced device in the world

Strive to make SUNION the most dynamic company

Strive to make SUNION employees the happiest

Harmonious and Happy Sunion

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